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Do You Use Family Group Sheets?

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Do you use family group sheets (FGS) in your genealogy research? 

I live by family group sheets and you will be seeing a lot them here! I have been using them for years. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. I am particularly fond of this one by which you can find here. I use family group sheets in a variety of ways.

Normally, I take these forms to a copy store such as Office Depot and using 11 X 18 sheets I print the family group sheet on one side and the pedigree chart on the other. However, for this project I have decided to try something new. I find myself always writing additional information on the family group sheet so decided to create my own while using Ancestry's form as my basis. You can find my version of a Family Group Sheet here.

What Do I Include On My Family Group Sheet? 

Along with the information that you will find from Ancestry's form, I have included funeral visitation information (name and address of funeral home, and the date), funeral information (name of church & address, and the date), burial information (name and address of cemetery, plot information), list of siblings for the parents, military service (enlistment/discharge dates, name of war/conflict, medals/honors) and because my maternal family has been Roman Catholic for generations I have included in addition to Baptismal and marriage information, First Holy Communion (name and address of the church and date) and Confirmation (name and address of church, date and sponsor). I have also included divorces (city and state, name of spouse and date). 

Obviously not all of this information is applicable and what information doesn't apply can easily be omitted and/or deleted as necessary to the family in question. I have also included a small space for notes on the family.

How Do I Use Family Group Sheets?

I use family group sheets at cemeteries all the time. Many of the families I have researched are buried in the same cemetery, sometimes they are together but more often than not they are in different sections. This is why I include funeral and burial plot information on my FGS! I have also found that it is easy to share a family group sheet with others and when I do this I also add my source information.

Many libraries and archives now have restrictions as to what can or cannot be taken into genealogy research rooms. Using a family group sheet allows me to "carry" that family and there information where ever I go and I don't have to worry about jumping on a public computer to check my Ancestry tree for the most basic of information because it is right there on my FGS. 

Let me know how you use family group sheets by leaving a comment here on my blog or at my Dawing Genealogy Facebook Page.

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